SXSWi 2007 – Friday – Day 1

Friday wasn’t too bad of a day, initially. Luke gave me a ride to the airport and we listened to a comedian that I’d never heard before – Daniel Tosh. Funny stuff. The flight to Dallas was fine, with the exception that some ass told me to turn my ipod volume down so he could sleep. Once I got to Dallas, I had the wonderful present of a delay. Only about thirty minutes, but I could certainly have dealt without it. Eventually I got to Austin. Thankfully, my bag was one of the first to come off the carousel. My cab driver was from, what I suspect to be, somewhere in Eastern Europe. He technically spoke English, but his accent was so thick that I couldn’t understand him. Which wasn’t that big of a deal, except that he kept asking me questions. I simply replied ‘Yes’ to all of them and that seemed to placate him. Despite the 20+ dollar fare, the cab ride itself was nice because we took a road through a very colorful part of town. Lots of pink and sea foam green buildings.

The Raddison is a nice hotel, I got checked in really quick and dropped all my stuff off in my room. My bed can change its firmness with a little button control. Neat. After that I made my way to the Convention Center to get my badge. The line was atrociously long. Though, someone said that it was much shorter than earlier in the day. Lucky me.

After I acquired my badge – orange this year, compared to green last year – I made my way to Six. Six is a cool lounge bar with an outside patio above the lounge. I proceeded to relax and drink my free white russians until Jeff and company arrived. Then I proceeded to drink more white russians. Eight white russians later and a huge collective of nerds had amassed, we left. We went to Buffalo Billiards just down the street. I feebly attempted to play pool with Chris Kavinsky, who beat me, though I think if I were sober-er I would have done better. After a while of that we decided to call it a night. But not before stopping and getting a big slice of pizza.

After a bit of confusion, I found my hotel and proceeded to call Becky before going to bed. She apparently felt it necessary to put our conversation on speakerphone for her friends. I don’t know what all was said in the apparent ten minute phone call because I recall it being about a two minute phone call. C’est la vie.

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