Internet Explorer’s Hidden Reset Abilities

Let’s say you’re using Internet Explorer (IE) for web browsing. First off, stop it! Use Firefox!

Ok, for sake of argument, let’s say you have to use IE. Say you happen upon a form that you decide to fill out.

If click on a text input box and start typing text and hit Esc, it will erase the contents of that input box. This behavior also seems to exist for other text-entry form controls, i.e. password input boxes and textareas. Now, if you Tab or click to another form element, then come back to to that original input box and hit Esc, it doesn’t erase the contents at all. The single-input erasing seems to only work on your initial focus of that input box.

One more thing, if you hit Esc and then hit Esc again, it will reset the entire form to its original form.

I found all this out after playing with some AJAX additions to some forms I’m creating.

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