WordPress Plugin: Page Restriction

Updated to version 1.4
– There should be no more errors on install or activation/deactivation.

Updated to version 1.3

I’ve updated the plugin. I’m now at version 1.2.

Here is the changelog:
– added code check for the Page Access plugin, only used if installed

– used built in WordPress function dbDelta() to update database structure
– changed name of options subpanel

The link is the same, but the .phps file has been updated


I know I haven’t posted in a long time and I’m sorry. I’ve been… lazy? busy? Sure, those will work. I would also like to sincerely appologize for the complete and utter disarray that this site is in – don’t worry, I’m working fixing all that.

But on to the point of this post…

Because I’m using WordPress as a Content Management System for our up-coming intranet/web-app at work, I needed a way of keeping the regular folks out of our private section of the site.

So, I wrote this plugin – Page Restriction – and it does just what it says, pretty much. It will add an Administration panel under the Options section, entitled Page Restriction – Clever huh? There you can pick and choose whatever pages you want restricted to logged-in users.

You may download the source here: https://17thdegree.com/wp/page-restriction.phps

Any questions, comment here.

117 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Page Restriction

  1. Same problem as the above user. Am using 2.3.1 but when its showing no pages yet. I want to restrict users to a page unless they subscribe. Is there any way that can be done?

  2. im using 2.2.1 and im getting the no pages added yet on the options page. i see im not the only one. any word yet what is doing this?

  3. Same problem with everyone.”No pages yet.!!” Is there anyone who solve this problem? Please share us your solution about this problem.

  4. I have the plugin working but when I go to restrict pages using the selection boxes and hit update, I get the notice that it was updated but the tick marks aren’t there any more and the pages aren’t restricted. Is there something I’m missing. I’m using WP2.3 and the latest fixed version of page restriction from Graeme(poster above). Same thing happens with page access – pages show up and allows me to tick the boxes off and text in the fields but after I hit the create or save button it says its saved but nothing is added to groups and the check boxes are blank once again. Please lend me your insights.

  5. This plugin is linked to all over the net as the only damn “working” page restriction tool …

    I install it, get no pages on the options page and I’m done.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me of a way to restrict certain pages on a wordpress blog based on a user being logged in???

  6. Great plugin. Thanks so much!

    AngryDude – you need to get the page access plugin too and activate both of them. From there it should be easy to get going with the simple documentation. All the best.

  7. Hi there. I’m quite new to wordpress; was wondering if anyone knows about using this plugin with 2.5.1. I installed it (Graeme’s update, many thanks) but unfortunately the check boxes don’t stay ticked in the restriction page, which is something I’ve read about elsewhere. I’m guessing it must be to do with my version of WordPress; any ideas?

  8. Hi there, I’m using WP 2.5.1 and have installed and activated both plugins, but there are no pages listed when I got to set up the Page Access settings (and I do have pages that have been created).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  9. I have a question about your page restriction plugin. I installed it and it seems to work. the page restriction appears in the panel under settings but it only says “no pages yet”. Where do I choose the pages that I want to restrict. I seems to be an old plugin so I am starting to wunder if it really works for the new wordpress.



  10. Looks like a great plugin…. but it is now August 2008, WordPress 2.6 is with us and I have the same problem with this plugin that lots of other recent visitors have posted about – the plugin installs okay and appears nicely in the Admin pages but when you select Page Restriction it only says “no pages yet” and does not show your existing pages.

    There was a helpful link to a fix at http://bytor.co.uk/library but I wonder if it has had too many visitors… there is only a strange “Terms and Conditions of Use” page there now.

    Any helpful hints as to how to get this plugin to recognise existing pages?

    Are you planning to update it for WordPress 2.5 / 2.6?


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