WordPress 1.5, Strayhorn Release

I’m a big fan of WordPress. This site is currently running on version 1.3 alpha 2. It serves me well, however there are some issues that I have with it. Most notably the damn trackback spam. Version 1.3 is actually 1.5, I think. For some reason they changed it. Oh wait, here is the reason it was changed.

I’m just not too enthused about updating my templates and plugins. I’m sure I’m going to need to. With the multitude of changes they made, there has to be some update I need to make.

Meh. I’ll look into it. Maybe it won’t be so bad. It would give me a good kick in the ass to do some code clean up, think my-hacks.php, and to update some template things, think those ugly, weird angled bullets.

We’ll see.

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