Subway vs. Quizno’s?

I eat at Subway roughly once every two weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. Today I was running late and didn’t get a chance to make my two ham and cheese sandwiches like I usually do. So I figured I’d just eat at Subway in the Union.

I have one of those little cards full, so I get my free six-inch with purchase of a medium drink. 🙂 I get my usual, roasted chicken, today on roasted garlic bread as opposed to the parmesan and oregano bread I usually get. However, the sandwich artist [insert chuckle] asked me if I wanted it toasted. I said yes not really realizing what he had actually asked me. A split second later I figured he had just heard my order wrong. I shrugged it off; perhaps today would be a good day to get something different, for the first time in about eight years. Sidenote: I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? After mentally preparing myself for what I thought would be some new experience, I noticed that he was putting my bread in a toasting oven. I repeat, a toasting oven. I am, in fact, at Subway and not Quizno’s.

After that I paid for my meal and sat down to eat. The bread itself was toasted, though not quite to the caliber of Quizno’s – sans the end of the bread, which was quite nice. All in all, it was a pleasant experience and I do plan on getting my bread toasted in the future.

Subway and Quizno’s, arguably the two biggest sandwich places in America, different in many small ways, but their biggest difference is in the toasting of subs. Quizno’s does and Subway does not. As I was eating my toasted sub today, from Subway, I couldn’t help but think that this is some sort of plan to steal customers away from Quizno’s. As I mentioned before, the toasting leaves a bit to be desired when compared to Quizno’s, but nonetheless I think it’s still an improvement.

I checked on Subway’s website and couldn’t find anything about national trend of toasting their subs. Perhaps the Union subway is somehow unique, though I find this quite hard to believe. Either way, I’m happy.

Happy toasted subs to everyone.

24 thoughts on “Subway vs. Quizno’s?

  1. I’ve not tried a toasted sub from Subway, but I think that Quiznos is far and away the better joint. I think Quiznos is great, but Subway is very average, IMHO.

  2. I agree that Quizno’s is quite tastey, but it’s the price that kind of sucks. Although, that being said, Subway recently did up their prices. Which really sucks for me because I get the most expensive [ and best, I might add ] sandwich: roasted chicken breast. Oh yeah.

  3. Well Quizno’s is better… but in all honesty Jerry’s smokes both of them…

  4. Yes, Quiznos is good but try going in there and ordering you sub untoasted, the problems will come at the register. They won’t know how to charge you for your sub, unlike at Subway where you can have it the way you want it.

  5. OMG Quizno’s has the worst subs ever. I prefer Subway 20 times better. The subs are tastier sand they have better service.

  6. Subway is the best dans quiznos is very expensive is like more subway then quiznos.

  7. Subway is far better. I’m watching my weight so the fact that Subway has a very clear nuitricianal guide is fantastic.

    (I’ve losy 9 pounds in 5 weeks, and I go to Subway at least twice a week)


  8. Subway sucks. they use processed meats and cheese food. Quizno’s service and food is a million times better.
    I eat there often, and never had an issue with the cashier not knowing how to ring up an untoasted sub.
    Also, you get what you pay for… if you want processed cheeselike food, and fake meat go to crappy subway. if you want fresh sliced premium meats, cheeses, and veggies go to the real deal Quizno’s.

  9. i work at subway…
    and used to work at quiznos

    i think subway is a better enviroment
    and just to let you know…a lot of the stuff at quiznos is processed too.

    subway has had a toaster for about a year or more now?
    but im pretty sure most subways have it already…

    its a good option.

  10. Subway is horrible. It took the commercial from Quizno’s about how Subway hardly fills their sandwiches to make me realize it. Next time I ordered at Subway, the girl put THREE (count em, 3) thinly sliced pieces of meat and TWO triangle-shaped pieces of cheese on a half-foot piece of bread. The toppings they put on it (lettuce, tomato and honey mustard) were bigger that the meat itself, and that’s pathetic, AND it costed me $5. Never eating at Subway again.

  11. Strange that Quiznos boasts about how it fills it’s sandwiches while Subway doesn’t. At the Quiznos here, which I just ate at today, their sandwiches also looked nothing like the commercials. (My mom got a meat sandwich and it was pretty much flat.)

    I really like Subway a lot better. It has better choices for vegetarians, like me. Quiznos only has that one sandwich for vegetarians. Plus they only have white or wheat bread. I like Subways options when it comes to bread..I’m addicted to their italian herb and cheese bread! Also, Subway is a LOT cheaper. Quiznos charges 4.50 (or more) for a small veggie sub. Their small is 5 1/2 inches, whereas Subway’s either allows you to get 6 inch or 12 inch. Their 12 inch veggie sub is $5!

    Anyway, yeah, it’s clear that I like Subway better (on top of all those points, I really enjoy cold sandwiches more than toasted ones.) Not that Quiznos is bad. I liked the sandwich that I got from there today too. I just feel Subway is better.

  12. I prefer subway..just for the fact those satupid quiznos commercials with the swirly eyes freaked me out and made me think they were serving roadkill.. Anyways, my standard at subway is the club on italian herbs and cheese with tomato, letuce, onion, pickle, black olives, yellow peppers and jalepeno peppers salt n pepper with vinegar and oil and oregeno..not toasted of course. yummmm im hungry now!! Im off to subway 🙂

  13. Subways grosses me out. the way it has the food presented (the chicken looks under-fed & the bacon is shrivelled). & i hate how the chicken is in those cheapy little cafeteria-food looking containers. it looks like they’re serving you left-overs. the oven @ Subways is pathetic compared to Quiznos. & my sandwiches are never flat, always full. plus the fact that it offers 3 sizes is convenient 🙂

  14. Subway is NOT what it used to be. Subway sucks. I rarely eat there anymore, unless it’s the only place around to eat at. Poor quality for what you pay for, I don’t like eating poor quality food, and I’m afraid it’s now being noticed by customers. I find quizno’s much better, I eat there now instead of subway. The thing that bothers me the most about quizno’s though is as someone else mentioned, the flat subs. quiznos subs are flat but they taste much better. If the prices keep going up I’m going to stop going, seriously!

  15. Both are really good. Both are very different from each other. But I work at Quiznos so my quiznos subs are cheap and extreme (triple meat lol).

  16. # Amanda Says:
    December 26th, 2005 at 5:05 pm |

    Yes, Quiznos is good but try going in there and ordering you sub untoasted, the problems will come at the register. They won’t know how to charge you for your sub, unlike at Subway where you can have it the way you want it.
    # Diana Says:
    January 20th, 2006 at 1:18 pm |

    OMG Quizno’s has the worst subs ever. I prefer Subway 20 times better. The subs are tastier sand they have better service.

    Here are two lost little girls and no Quiznos has no possessed meats or cheeses My restaurant got some subway cheese buy mix up and it was soooo oily threw it out not fit for humans

  17. Subway sucks to be honest! I hate it. But that’s probably just beause I work there. It stinks and the food really isn’t ALL THAT.

    And i think its dumb that your complaining about getting your sub toasted when that’s what you told them you wanted. We aren’t mind readers! However, I’m glad you liked it (I guess)

  18. I love subway. Well actually the last time I went to Quiznos they BURNED my sub. What good is a burnt sub??? I hate burnt food. I also like Subway’s pizza sauce. Is it just me or does it taste way better than canned stuff.

  19. Quiznos is far better than Subway. Have you seen there new shops. They look great brighter and the food is the best. I think the thing I like best is the fact that the meat and cheese is all cut fresh daily and it has flavor. GO Quiznos!!

  20. I’ve given up on Subway. Consider the size and tastiness of a sandwich you can make at home using $5 worth of goodies from the supermarket — the same amount of money you’d spend for one of their discount footlongs.

    I don’t think I’ve even come close to $5 in cost for any of the towering dagwoods or hoagies I’ve made at home. From the multi mystery-meat Subway BMT with the superlative choice of multi pseudo veggies, I’ve found I like a one real meat/one real cheese/two real veggie at most sandwich the best. Black Forest ham piled high to the rafters, Swiss cheese, real and green Romaine or Bib lettuce, real and red beefsteak tomatoe slices, all cold on two slices of perfectly toasted homestyle white bread with a spread of mayo. Yummm. As with thick slices of hard salami and sharp provolone, cohabitating ever so scrumptiously on a bakery Italian roll after toasting in my oven. Double yumm. Even with frozen meatballs from the supermarket and jar sauce I can make a much better and far cheaper meatball sub than Subway, whose cereal-filler meatball taste came through loud and clear.

    Never tried Quiznos. But why? Both have to knock down the quality and quantity of their ingredients severely, just to get to the point where their sandwiches are three times the cost of what you can make at home, and no where near as tasty.

    But I went through my Subway slumming phase to arrive at my current so-much-better-homemade outlook. So I understand the convenience aspect.

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