After a tasty, and a tad expensive, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, Josh, Gill, Becky, and myself attended The Nutcracker ballet at Midland Theater. Midland Theater is located in downtown Kansas City; from my house, it is way downtown. We had a little trouble finding the place because of some very annoying road construction, but eventually we found it. The historic theater has that classical elegance that you see only in old black and white movies.

The Nutcracker is an annual ballet put on by the Kansas City Ballet. Due to construction slated to begin next year, this is the last showing of The Nutcracker at Midland Theater, until 2007 at the earliest. It was fun to dress up nice and attend the last showing.

We had balcony seats for the show, which wasn’t that bad with the exception of the slightly elevated temperature. I somewhat prefer balcony seats, makes it seem more like a show to me. The show itself was pretty good. The sets were surprisingly well done. I’m not much of a theatergoer, but I was intrigued by these colored blinds that they used as backdrops. If light was shined on them in the proper way, you would see that particular blind, if the light was offset, then you would see through it and barely notice that blind. It made for nice transitions between scenes. I’m not really sure what the proper timeline of a ballet is, but this ballet had the first half as more interpretive and the latter half more focused on the dancers and their abilities specifically. Like I said, I don’t know if that’s how a ballet is supposed to go, but that’s how this one went.

All in all, I’d say I enjoyed my first ballet experience. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to self-sacrifice every now and again for the lady in your life. The ballet, like sushi, isn’t all that bad once you actually try it.

4 Responses to “The Kansas City Ballet Presents The Nutcracker

  1. Becky Says:

    Big smiles! I had a wonderful time!

  2. Jeff Croft Says:

    I agree that the Ballet is not all bad, but I’ll never agree about sushi.

  3. Becky Says:

    I’ve never had sushi….though I’d like to try it.

  4. James Asher Says:

    I had some spicey tuna roll sushi last friday and it was mighty good. Sushi, like many other foods, can be good or bad. It depends on how it’s prepared and what’s in it. There are numerous types of sushi. Just pick what you think you’ll like and try it.

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