When I was a kid, my big hobby was collecting baseball cards. Since I moved out of my house, they’ve been in storage. This past weekend my dad, in an effort to do some cleaning up, gave me all my cards. I started going through them and I found this little gem.

As it turns out, I had a 1953 Topps Pee Wee Reese card. According to Beckett magazine, the de facto standard for baseball card worth, the card is worth 175 dollars. Woo Hoo!

3 Responses to “My Childhood Hobby”

  1. Jeff Croft Says:

    I had a huge sports card collection, and most of it still exists at my folks’ house. I have all the Topps sets from 1976-1990. I worked at a baseball card store through middle school and stole my way to a pretty good collection.

    I’ve not looked at a Beckett in ages, but I’ll bet my most valueble card is a the 1975 George Brett rookie card — I’ve got three of them. :)

  2. James Asher Says:

    This card is in mint condition, too. Not even a rounded corner. I was looking on ebay today to see if anyone else was selling one and, although there were a few on there, none of them even came close to the quality of this card.

    I wish I could remember where the hell I got this card.

    Oh well, it makes me happy.

  3. James Asher Says:

    For what it’s worth, I eventually did recall where I got this card. Way back in the day my dad gave me a handful of old cards for my birthday. This was one of those cards.

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