So here I am, three days after I walked for graduation, studying for my philosophy of art final. Blah to that. However, I just made a discovery.

I, rather unluckily, seemed to have misplaced my original reading list for the semester. What to do?

Ah ha! He sent it out in the listserv, I’ll just check my trash folder (because I probably deleted it).

My philosophy professor has randomly sent out emails to us through a listserv throughout the semester. It was never that often, but every once in a while. In particular, he sent out a rough estimate of what we’d be reading for the rest of the section we were on (and mind you we read a ton). But, wouldn’t you know it, I deleted it andmy trash folder is set to auto-dump files that are over 15 days old. Crap.

Lo, Ah ha! again! There is some secret archaic code you can send to the server to get listserv stuff (whatever that may entail). I think I did this once, oh, I dunno, three or four years ago. So a little trek through K-State’s search located me some useful info. And I now present it to you:

All emails will be addressed here: No subject is necessary, either.

To find out what list’s you’re subscribed to, send an email with this as the body:

query *

To get a month’s log of correspondence, send an email with this as the body:

get listname logyymm

where listname is the list’s ID and yymm is the 4-digit number for the year and month. Example: get introphiloart log0412

Other, more mundane, commands can be found here: One key point to remember is that page says to send these commands in the subject line, but actually you have to send it in the body.

Now get your listserv on.

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