Being the web dork that I am I’ve quickly learned to be very weary of online offers from various businesses.

However, after hearing about and researching it a bit, I found out that it’s a legitimate offer – so says this Wired article as well as other various web sites and individuals. And so I’m gonna do it, too. Because I think an iPod mini would be cool to have. Note: you can get a regular iPod if you so desire.

The long and the short of it goes like this: You get five people to complete one of the various trial offers for stuff and then you get your choice of a 4Gb iPod mini, a 20Gb iPod, or a $250 gift cirtificate to iTunes. My choice: the iPod mini. It seems pretty simple to me, you just have to make sure you cancel whatever offer you choose. Myself, I’m doing the 30 day AOL trial, as it seemed easiest.

So, help me out, and get started yourself for a free iPod!

Edit: I updated this to use my new referrer link.

5 Responses to “Free iPods”

  1. James Says:

    Why is everyone not signing up for this?!

  2. Barrett Says:

    IT’S A SCAM!!!

  3. James Says:

    It is not a scam. has proof of numerous people getting their free iPods. And I will acquire my free iPod!

  4. James Says:

    I talked to my friend Jeff and he said he’s talked to other people who’ve recieved them, so I believe it’s the real deal Holyfield.

  5. James Says:

    Alrighty, I have just cancelled my trial run of AOL. And that cost me 0 dollars. So I have done my required offer. I have one other confirmed one done and I believe another one is done, but it usually takes a day or two to get processed. So now I need three more people to do one! C’mon kids, help me out, I need and iPod. Need.

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