I’m still trying to get most of this stuff worked out, so you’ll all have to bear with me.

The site, as it looks right now, will be gone, soon. I don’t like the default Word Press design. Considering I think of myself as a web designer, albeit a semi-noob one, I should change the CSS for the site. So, yeah, that’s, I dunno, 50% done, or so.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah. The board is up. Go play.

Other stuff I’m working on… This is more for me than ya’ll. Getting certain plugins for wordpress to start working in this alpha version. I need to figure out some of the other intricacies of the board but, for the most part, it seems pretty slick.

Speaking of the board… Have you guys actually taken a look around in it? Knowing the usual readers I have, and I use the term readers lightly here, you haven’t. Well go look at it, damn it. It’s got a messaging system built in. It’s got a “who’s online” sort of deal, so you can tell when, what else, someone else is online. I believe it has a profile system as well. (I just checked, it does). So there you have it folks, you know what that it is called? It’s called functionality, stuff works, so go use it.

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