I Could Do Porn, Seriously

So I’m avoiding work – work at 9:42pm, but I digress – and I log into MySpace. Perhaps I’ll have a new friend invite or read a funny bulletin or, what’s this… A new message! And so I click on it, my excitement rising – as I don’t get many messages on MySpace. The page has loaded and what do I see? A message from a large, black man from La Jolla, California named Dino. My excitement wans, but I click on the email anyways. I read this colorful message:

hey, whats up bro. Im actually contacting you and a few others about doing some adult films and adult photography here in In the San Diego, Ca area. Im going to be in the kansas city area to do interviews. THIS WILL ONLY BE A ONE DAY CHANCE IN KANSAS FOR YOU TO COME AND GET YOURSELF NOTICED!!

almost all work is nude.so you will have to be comfortable with that. Even so, the work is very professional and classy!

Im a recruiter for phenome productions!!

here our are rates that you can be paid if your look is approved.

photography-$110 per hour or more possibly
video-$1,000 dollars per video or more possibly.

You don not have to pay any fees at all!

not everyone recieves this e-mail..only qualifying looks do!!

all your flight and hotel expenses are paid by the company!

give me a call soon if interested!


619-276-8000 Ext-110

Ohhhh Dino, you heartwarming soul, you.