Visually Explaining Easing

I’ll admit that I’ve never fully understood easing. I’ve known that it’s used as part of animating things in Javascript. At least that’s my association with it. I’ve also known that there are different types of easing, but never really knew what they were.

This visual easing list is exactly what I needed. You can clearly see the differences between each type of easing. It’s just that simple.

Via: I dunno, someone, somewhere.

VMware Buys Zimbra From Yahoo

This is interesting: VMware has bought Zimbra from Yahoo.

I remember when I was looking into JavaScript frameworks many moons ago and I looked at Zimbra’s and thought it was horrible to use. Not sure if that’s the case anymore, but back when Yahoo bought Zimbra, I always wondered why. Maybe it was the people, but I wasn’t so keen on the technology they bought. Plus, I can’t help but remember all the uncov posts about Zimbra as well.

That all being said, what is VMware going to do with Zimbra?

Via Market Watch

Firefox 3.6 FileAPI Demo

If you do any kind of front-end web development work, I’d encourage you to follow the Mozilla Hacks blog. Today’s post is a really interesting one – reading EXIF data from a JPEG file that has been dropped on the page from the desktop.

This is capability is due to the new File API that is in Firefox 3.6. This API allows you to asynchronously read a file into memory and access the data. The blending of standard desktop applications and web applications continues.

Via Mozilla Hacks.