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I completed my move to KC on Saturday. For the rest of that day and the next, I spent all my time unpacking. During this laborious task, I came to realize that I am, in fact, a genius. There were three notable genius-moments:

Fixing my desk
During the move down, my desk got a little beat up. My dad strapped down the pieces so hard that it ripped some of the boards right off the screws. Hmm, how to fix this problem? I mean, I did just buy this desk a few years ago, it’s still perfectly good. The solution: Liquid Nails. Fill up some of holes with that, and you’re golden.
Agglomeration of all things entertainment related
Now sitting in the corner of my living room is my big TV, with no inherent RCA jacks, my five disk DVD changer, a Nintendo 64, and a regular 8-bit Nintendo. Oh, and a 2 channel RCA switcher ( I also have a 4-channel if I need it ).
Agglomeration of all things food related
What do you do when you really don’t have that much space for food? You become a genius, like me, of course. It seems that most of my pots / pans / cups / plates / glasses / etc. take up most of my cupboards. I also have no pantry to speak of. My solution: just put all my food in the refridgerator. Can’t hurt it.

And that is the list so far. I’m sure there will be more, I am a genius and all.