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This is a handle automation script for adding installation sources: Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources. I don’t know why this stuff isn’t in the default installation. C’est la vie.

Not sure how I found this, Girlfriend 6.0 vs Wife 1.0, but I do love nerdy humor.

Curious about Linux? Find out which linux distro is for you.

At my work we run SUSE 10 for our webservers and mail servers and I’d like to eventually migrate everyone’s desktop as well. This is a nice little overview. Page 3 is of note if you’re interested in the neat-o XGL interface.

First Look at SUSE Linux 10.1

This is an interesting plugin and one I think I may implement. This also seems like the sort of thing that could be integrated into the comment spam plugin Akismet, though I’m not sure there is such a need.

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