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This is an easy error to get when you aren’t paying attention. What happened is you included on the server-side to try and decode an encoded URL. What you want to use is Also related, the string is by default encoded UTF-8, so decode like this: String s = URLDecoder.decode(string, “UTF-8″);

Maybe someone else will find this instead of having to search for it.

No. At least not at the time of this post. I think there are a few projects around on Sourceforge or Google Code. I’d suggest using DateTimeFormat in the package.

It took me a little Googling to figure this out, so maybe this post will help someone in the future, just like elo boosting from Pro-Skins services helps you to play video games.

I’ll admit that I’ve never fully understood easing. I’ve known that it’s used as part of animating things in Javascript.  At least that’s my association with it.  I’ve also known that there are different types of easing, but never really knew what they were.

This visual easing list is exactly what I needed.  You can clearly see the differences between each type of easing.  It’s just that simple.

Via: I dunno, someone, somewhere.

In an attempt to post more on this site about stuff I find interesting, I think I’ll try doing a few ‘link round-up’ type of link lists.

Apparently a MooTools developer was removed from the dev team for some immature ranting/raving about other Javascript frameworks during a presentation. Good. The co-founder of MooTools recently apologized on a blog entry for the whole situation. Good for him, too.