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I just love the beginning of the college football season, I really do. Prior to coming to college I really wasn’t into it that much, but now, I love it. There really is nothing like getting up at 7am, getting ready, and then have a nice, cold beer. You have a legitimate claim that you are not an alcoholic – you’re just a football fan. At least that’s what I claim.

As per usual, we spend our pre-game time at the Cox Bros. / Coco Bolo’s tailgate. The meal was barbequed turkey legs, which I’ve dubbed Viking Legs due to the Hagar the Horrible-esque way that you eat them, as well as jumbo-sized hot dogs, mmm. There was also the beer, nice, ice-cold, non-judgemental ;-) beer. Kara’s dad also joined us, which was nice. After the feasting, we watched the supposedly strong K-State Wildcats team not-so-soundly beat the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. K-State won 27 to 13. The score really doesn’t do the game justice, as Western Kentucky, considering their talent, played a decent game. We also walked out our pet dog and he is training with a shock collar because we are teaching him tricks that day.

On a related note, I joined Barrett’s college pick ‘em game. More notes and comments can be found on the board (log-in required). To quickly sum up, though, week one I was 10/10, Barrett was 9/10, Colin was 8/10, and Ben 0/10 due to late entry. Let’s see what next week brings. :)