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Hey, hey. Looks like Firebug 1.5.0 has finally come out of beta.

Improvements I actually appreciate:

  • Enhanced Inspector
  • More accurate Net panel timings
  • Improved HTML editing
  • Separate Computed CSS and Style subpanels

The other additions are nice, just not sure that I’d actually use them.

This is interesting: VMware has bought Zimbra from Yahoo.

I remember when I was looking into JavaScript frameworks many moons ago and I looked at Zimbra’s and thought it was horrible to use.  Not sure if that’s the case anymore, but back when Yahoo bought Zimbra, I always wondered why.  Maybe it was the people, but I wasn’t so keen on the technology they bought.  Plus, I can’t help but remember all the uncov posts about Zimbra as well.

That all being said, what is VMware going to do with Zimbra?

Via Market Watch