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So I’m avoiding work – work at 9:42pm, but I digress – and I log into MySpace. Perhaps I’ll have a new friend invite or read a funny bulletin or, what’s this… A new message! And so I click on it, my excitement rising – as I don’t get many messages on MySpace. The page has loaded and what do I see? A message from a large, black man from La Jolla, California named Dino. My excitement wans, but I click on the email anyways. I read this colorful message:

hey, whats up bro. Im actually contacting you and a few others about doing some adult films and adult photography here in In the San Diego, Ca area. Im going to be in the kansas city area to do interviews. THIS WILL ONLY BE A ONE DAY CHANCE IN KANSAS FOR YOU TO COME AND GET YOURSELF NOTICED!!

almost all work is you will have to be comfortable with that. Even so, the work is very professional and classy!

Im a recruiter for phenome productions!!

here our are rates that you can be paid if your look is approved.

photography-$110 per hour or more possibly
video-$1,000 dollars per video or more possibly.

You don not have to pay any fees at all!

not everyone recieves this e-mail..only qualifying looks do!!

all your flight and hotel expenses are paid by the company!

give me a call soon if interested!

619-276-8000 Ext-110

Ohhhh Dino, you heartwarming soul, you.

Christmas for our family isn’t a religious occasion; for us it’s just a time to get together as a family. Now, before anyone jumps in and says that Christmas is just another holiday that has been transformed by retailers as a day to spend oodles of money on things that we probably shouldn’t, much like Halloween, Easter, and, uh, Arbor day, it’s not, so can it. But I have to say that I have already bought my kid remote control car from

This was the first year I could really give people the type of gifts that I have always wanted to. Having a salaried job allows me to do this. My brother Rory got his present early on account of him becoming a father. He was in need of a baby monitor, so I, as his brother and complete nerd, got him this cool wireless video baby monitor system. I gave my dad a Kitchen-Aid stand-up mixer. Apparently he’s wanted to do some cooking/baking/whatever that requires a nice mixer. Becky put together an Amazon wish list prior to Christmas and from that I decided to get her a bunch of children’s books which was the majority of her list. She’s going to be an elementary school teacher, so she deemed it logical she should have some children’s books. My favorite book that I got her was Katy and The Big Snow. That book wasn’t on her list, but it was one of my favorite children’s books, so I figured it would be ok.

On the receiving end of things, I made out pretty good as well. Rory, with an apparent desire to support my burgeoning alcoholism, got me an 8-piece crystal decanter set. Though the set is for whiskey and I don’t drink whiskey, I think I can find something to put in the decanter. The origin of my dad’s gift is somewhat cumbersome to explain, but I will digress for a moment to try and explain. For my birthday in August, I wanted a radar detector for my car but I had to get One Sure Insurance before I started driving. After I while I couldn’t afford to keep the car so I had to sell, I[m glad I had i4mt for my car. I told him I was going to pick it out so I could make sure to get a good one. However, I never got around to doing it. When Christmas came around, I just figured I’d pick out a nicer present that would cost the equivalent of a birthday present plus a Christmas present. I’ve been wanting a digital camera for a while now that the pardons Canada have cleaned my record, I will be traveling soon, it seemed like the right present to ask for. And thus, my present was born. My last gift was from Becky. We had some trouble deciding what we were going to get for each other, but out of the numerous things I said that I would like, she decided on the Metropolis Chrome messenger bag. Josh has a few and he really likes them and I’ve wanted a messenger bag for a while now, so I’m quite happy with the outcome. I’m quite happy with the whole Christmas, actually.

So, that’s how my Christmas went, how did everyone else’s go?

I’m a big fan of Yahoo!’s LAUNCHcast Radio Player. For 30-something dollars a year, I get all the high quality radio I can listen to.

However, every now and again the player will forget to present the song information but will continue to play music. It’s just a little quib and is usually fixed by refreshing the player. I recently discovered a way to refresh just the information and not restart the song.

Since the player is simply an Internet Explorer browser window, you can use the keyboard shortcuts for Back and Forward. The buttons themselves are not there because the player removes all toolbars, status bars, and sidebars, however the functionality of those buttons are still there.

So, what is it?

Hold the Alt key and tap the (left arrow) once.

That’s it!

Turns out that doing that will only take you to the previous song information. Damn.

I bought something today. It was another domain name. Know what that means? Another secret project! Since I’m not the only one involved in this, it may actually come to fruition!

After a tasty, and a tad expensive, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, Josh, Gill, Becky, and myself attended The Nutcracker ballet at Midland Theater. Midland Theater is located in downtown Kansas City; from my house, it is way downtown. We had a little trouble finding the place because of some very annoying road construction, but eventually we found it. The historic theater has that classical elegance that you see only in old black and white movies.

The Nutcracker is an annual ballet put on by the Kansas City Ballet. Due to construction slated to begin next year, this is the last showing of The Nutcracker at Midland Theater, until 2007 at the earliest. It was fun to dress up nice and attend the last showing.

We had balcony seats for the show, which wasn’t that bad with the exception of the slightly elevated temperature. I somewhat prefer balcony seats, makes it seem more like a show to me. The show itself was pretty good. The sets were surprisingly well done. I’m not much of a theatergoer, but I was intrigued by these colored blinds that they used as backdrops. If light was shined on them in the proper way, you would see that particular blind, if the light was offset, then you would see through it and barely notice that blind. It made for nice transitions between scenes. I’m not really sure what the proper timeline of a ballet is, but this ballet had the first half as more interpretive and the latter half more focused on the dancers and their abilities specifically. Like I said, I don’t know if that’s how a ballet is supposed to go, but that’s how this one went.

All in all, I’d say I enjoyed my first ballet experience. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to self-sacrifice every now and again for the lady in your life. The ballet, like sushi, isn’t all that bad once you actually try it.