If people have heard of South By Southwest (SxSW), it’s usually for the music festival portion. However, also hosted at SxSW is the SxSW Interactive. The SxSW Interactive is basically a huge conference for web developers of various sorts. As my boss would say, “So, it’s a big nerd convention. Are there any Star Wars panels there?” I can’t wait, it will be tons of fun and I’ll be around some of the greatest innovators in the web design/development community.

My registration for SXSW is now being processed and the flights are booked. Yippie!

2 Responses to “SxSW Or Bust!”

  1. THE MAN Says:

    I’ve signed u up to attend SxSW panel discussion titled Chewbacca: Important Leading Character or Second Bananna? Try not to wet yourself in excitement.

  2. 17th Degree » Blog Archive » Ah, Christmas Says:

    […] On the receiving end of things, I made out pretty good as well. Rory, with an apparent desire to support my burgeoning alcoholism, got me an 8-piece crystal decanter set. Though the set is for whiskey and I don’t drink whiskey, I think I can find something to put in the decanter. The origin of my dad’s gift is somewhat cumbersome to explain, but I will digress for a moment to try and explain. For my birthday in August, I wanted a radar detector for my car. I told him I was going to pick it out so I could make sure to get a good one. However, I never got around to doing it. When Christmas came around, I just figured I’d pick out a nicer present that would cost the equivalent of a birthday present plus a Christmas present. I’ve been wanting a digital camera for a while now and since I’d be traveling soon, it seemed like the right present to ask for. And thus, my present was born. My last gift was from Becky. We had some trouble deciding what we were going to get for each other, but out of the numerous things I said that I would like, she decided on the Metropolis Chrome messenger bag. Josh has a few and he really likes them and I’ve wanted a messenger bag for a while now, so I’m quite happy with the outcome. I’m quite happy with the whole Christmas, actually. […]

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