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If people have heard of South By Southwest (SxSW), it’s usually for the music festival portion. However, also hosted at SxSW is the SxSW Interactive. The SxSW Interactive is basically a huge conference for web developers of various sorts. As my boss would say, “So, it’s a big nerd convention. Are there any Star Wars panels there?” I can’t wait, it will be tons of fun and I’ll be around some of the greatest innovators in the web design/development community.

My registration for SXSW is now being processed and the flights are booked. Yippie!

When I was a kid, my big hobby was collecting baseball cards. Since I moved out of my house, they’ve been in storage. This past weekend my dad, in an effort to do some cleaning up, gave me all my cards. I started going through them and I found this little gem.

As it turns out, I had a 1953 Topps Pee Wee Reese card. According to Beckett magazine, the de facto standard for baseball card worth, the card is worth 175 dollars. Woo Hoo!