For those who don’t know, all three of you that is, Google released a new maps web application.

Much like Yahoo! Maps or MapQuest, Google Maps is what it sounds like, a maps program. However, this is much better than the other two. Though, some of the intuition and documentation could be improved.

I never liked Yahoo Maps!. The reason I never liked them? Their driving directions are absolutely horrid. Ironically, I still use it whenever I want driving directions. It’s like I’m compelled to use it. I get lost or very confused nearly every time I use them. Nothing is simple. Yet, time after time, I still use them.

As for MapQuest, I don’t think I ever got into their way of doing things. Their service is alright, their maps are childish in comparison to Google’s. However, it can still do driving directions decently. Unknown to me, however, is how well they would fare in a real life test.

Finally, for Google Maps. I know it seems like everyone just has to love Google because they’re seemingly un-corporate, but in reality, they are quite corporate now-a-days. I still think of it as a coolcorporation though, but hey, that’s me. Anyways, Their maps application is visually stunning. Their map doesn’t look so horribly jumbled as others do. Also, when doing a search for pizza near X address, I like their way of noting where the location is (it’s a little red spikey thing). When you click on it, it gives you some detailed information about it, which is nice.

Also, who doesn’t like the non-reloading, click and drag feature. As well as the double-click to center feature. I don’t see those on the other applications, hmmm. Makes me wonder, though, if the program is done through javascript xmlHttpRequest. Seems logical doesn’t it? But then again, as we learned from Dave’s post at Mezzoblue, doesn’t use xmlHttpRequest and it has basically the same functionality. Though, I will note that double clicking on the map here, zooms and centers. That would be nice. Google, are you listening? :-)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Google’s new application, but I have some problems with it. I can’t seem to get it to do driving directions for me. I am trying to do some lazy directions. Such as 151st to mur-len and santa fe. It can’t seem to do that right. I am guessing that I am putting it in improperly. However, I can’t find any place showing me what the right way is. Meh. It is a Beta product. (But then hasn’t Google News been beta for years now? Hmmmm.)

But other than that stuff, I still love the application and will try it out the next time I need to go somewhere. Which is more often that I usually expect, considering I just moved to a new city where I don’t know where anything is. So, we shall see.

5 Responses to “Google Maps”

  1. Barrett Says:

    Mapquest is way better than yahoo, I have no idea why you always used yahoo.

    Anyways, in time, I’m sure that Google Maps will be the best (if they aren’t already), like everything else that Google does. Personally, I don’t like Google because they’re ‘un-corporate’, I like them because they do cool things and do them very well. Getting a job at Google would be my dream job. Too bad it will never happen.

  2. James Says:

    In case you are interested, I found a search plugin for firefox that searches Google Maps. Follow directions.

  3. Jeff Croft Says:


    If you live in Olathe and you need directions to streets like 151st, Mur-len, and Santa Fe, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than Google Maps. :)

  4. James Says:


    It was just an example.


  5. James @ be the top of google . com Says:

    Bookmarked for future reference :)

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