I, uh, use some angry adult language in this post, FYI. If you don’t like that sort of thing, then skip this post.

If you check your credit rating – and you should DO NOT DO IT FROM CONSUMERINFO.COM. Don’t even sign up for their free deal. I signed up about 8 months ago to get a free credit report. They never sent me the confirmation email. Then I find out about 3 months later they charged me like five bucks for it. I couldn’t get it off my account, and really it’s only five bucks so it isn’t worth it. So I just activated the account and got the services that the five dollars paid for. It’s basically just showing you any changes to your credit report. You don’t get your credit score. Anyways, so I check my bank account online through commerce bank and lo and behold, they charged me another 79.95 for god fucking knows what. I’m going to rape them bastards on the phone here in 2 1/2 hours during my lunch break.


If you have any information there, delete it, especially your credit card number. Fucking bastards.

2 Responses to “WARNING READ ME!”

  1. James Says:

    I called and got my money back.

    If you’re on the 30-day trial and don’t specify otherwise, you are auto debited the money for the year subscription. Or whatever the fuck it is.

  2. Credit Report Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. There are a lot of good credit companies out there and unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones too. I went to http://www.credit-report-credit-score.com to get my free credit report and credit score and had a great experience. I received my free credit report instantly and was able to cancel the monthly service without any hassle.

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