If you haven’t heard, which you should have by the way, Apple announced two new products at their annual MacWorld conference: the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle. I won’t go into great detail about either one of them, as there are already tons of reports on them. However, I will quickly explain what they are.

The Mac mini is a Mac computer that retails at $499, the cheapest Mac to date. It comes with no keyboard, mouse, or monitor, however. If you don’t like your current PC, all you have to do is buy a Mac mini and replace it.

The iPod shuffle is a flash based iPod. It comes in sizes of 512MB and 1GB. Unlike the regular iPod and the iPod mini, there is no display to speak of. Thus, it is quite tiny.

That’s about that. Now, I want one of each, just because. So, from the people who brought you FreeiPods.com, Gratis Internet gives you:

Now, hook me up! Thanks!

8 Responses to “Free Mini Mac and Free iPod Shuffle”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hey James, you ever get your free iPod? Of course you didn’t.

  2. James Says:

    Technically I still need another referral to actually do an offer.

  3. Barrett Says:

    No, I refuse to.

  4. Carl Says:

    I would help you out, but the guys at forevergeek.com have beaten you to my referral.

    If you have ANY doubt it’s legit, head on over for forevergeek.com, and check out all the free stuff they got.

  5. James Says:

    Thanks for nothing barrett.

    I believe whole-heartedly that it’s real. Hell Jeff got one.

  6. Jeff Croft Says:

    I did get one indeed. I got a pink iPod mini and gave it to Michelle (since I already have a 30GB iPod). It took quite a while for them to ship it and such, but I did eventually get it. I’m doing the Mac mini and iPod shuffle ones, too. I’ve got two out of three offers done on the iPod shuffle and 4 out of ten on the Mac mini. Not sure I’ll ever get enough of the Mac mini, but we’ll see. I’ll letcha know if/when I actually get one.

    But yeah, these guys at Gratis Internet are legit. I know dozens of people who have gotten products from them (iPod, flat screens monitors, etc.). It’s not easy to get all the referrals and offers completed, but if you do it, you WILL get your product.

  7. Martinell Says:

    Hey just wanted to plug this site that explains how to get a free ipod shuffle in 8 simple steps.


    Check it out.

  8. Pete Says:

    This one exlains how to get a mini mac in 2 easy steps


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