First off, happy Turkey Day to all!

And what a nice little Turkey Day it was. I got over to my dad’s house ’round noon or so. My brother and my dad were playing Scrabble, as per usual. After the game, Rory and I went to Dillon’s to get some movies to watch during the day – this is an Asher custom (movies during the holidays, that is). We rented Super Size Me, Walking Tall, and The Punisher (also watched in that order).

Super Size Me was a good movie. One sentence synopsis: In order to find out if fast food is actually bad for you – as opposed to what people just assume – Morgan (documenter / director) eats McDonald’s for a month. This was a really good movie, I’d say. The 7.8 rating on IMDB also agrees. If you haven’t yet seen this documentary, I highly recommend it. I won’t say much more than that, just go watch it.

Walking Tall absolutely sucked. One sentence synopsis: The Rock gets back from his tour in the military and comes back home, only to find his town being controlled by a drug-peddling, casino-running, former schoolmate. AND THE ROCK GOES TO TOWN. Please. <rant>The problems I had with this PG-13 movie just piled up it seemed. In the first 20 minutes of the movie, there is a scene of a guy driving off in his car after a friendly football game with a beer in his hand. Later in the movie The Rock becomes the sheriff of the town. At no point does the guy ever do any police-type actions. Except when he pulls a guy over and then bashes in his tail light with a ceder 4×4. Later, he’s got a guy in lock-up and he’s sent his deputy to go guard his parents house because he thinks the bad guys are gonna go after them. So what happens? The ex-high school sweetheart comes to the station and they do it. Greeeeat. It was just a bad movie.</rant>

The Punisher was alright. One sentence synopsis: It’s the punisher, duh. The movie just didn’t capture the comic book genre enough for me. I mean the acting and everything was alright I guess. It had John Travolta, he’s aiight. Had Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and she’s wicked hot – oh and a total slut in this movie (gives a thumbs up). The main character – Frank Castle – The Punisher – is not Hugh Jackman, but in fact is Thomas Jane. Just now found that out. :-) But it was just, eh.

Then I proceeded to watch endless hours of tv and drink white russians. Then end.

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