Dear James,

It makes me feel bad when you go over two weeks without paying any attention to me. I feel so alone. I have always been there for you, why can’t you do the same for me? You know that I have no one around to talk to. Do you hate me? I don’t hate you. Please come back to me, I miss you so very much. I know that our relationship was rocky in the beginning, but things are solid now. Or so I thought, at least. Do you see problems that I don’t? If not, I’m sure we can work on it and get things ironed out. Well, that’s about all I had to say, I just wanted to leave you this little note.


P.S. I love you

2 Responses to “From Me To You”

  1. Chris Says:

    surprise surprise… James’ computer is in love with him, AND codependent!

  2. Grace Says:

    How very needy.

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