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I eat at Subway roughly once every two weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. Today I was running late and didn’t get a chance to make my two ham and cheese sandwiches like I usually do. So I figured I’d just eat at Subway in the Union.

I have one of those little cards full, so I get my free six-inch with purchase of a medium drink. :-) I get my usual, roasted chicken, today on roasted garlic bread as opposed to the parmesan and oregano bread I usually get. However, the sandwich artist [insert chuckle] asked me if I wanted it toasted. I said yes not really realizing what he had actually asked me. A split second later I figured he had just heard my order wrong. I shrugged it off; perhaps today would be a good day to get something different, for the first time in about eight years. Sidenote: I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? After mentally preparing myself for what I thought would be some new experience, I noticed that he was putting my bread in a toasting oven. I repeat, a toasting oven. I am, in fact, at Subway and not Quizno’s.

After that I paid for my meal and sat down to eat. The bread itself was toasted, though not quite to the caliber of Quizno’s – sans the end of the bread, which was quite nice. All in all, it was a pleasant experience and I do plan on getting my bread toasted in the future.

Subway and Quizno’s, arguably the two biggest sandwich places in America, different in many small ways, but their biggest difference is in the toasting of subs. Quizno’s does and Subway does not. As I was eating my toasted sub today, from Subway, I couldn’t help but think that this is some sort of plan to steal customers away from Quizno’s. As I mentioned before, the toasting leaves a bit to be desired when compared to Quizno’s, but nonetheless I think it’s still an improvement.

I checked on Subway’s website and couldn’t find anything about national trend of toasting their subs. Perhaps the Union subway is somehow unique, though I find this quite hard to believe. Either way, I’m happy.

Happy toasted subs to everyone.

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