Josh’s mom is my surrogate mother. She is the epitome of all things motherly. I have yet to see any other mother as motherly as she is. She has been this way as long as I have know Josh; I met Josh in 7th grade gym class. That was circa 1994, if my memory serves me correctly. In terms of friends’ mothers, I couldn’t have done better. She’s always treated me like a fourth son, which is nice considering my own mother for all intents and purposes, left my family around 1997 or so took a break from her motherly duties.

Today, after work, I stopped in at the Senior Center, where Josh’s mom works, to show Jamie, Josh’s mom, how to do some mail-merge stuff in Word/Access/Excel. They have a database of members in Microsoft Works. The Center is still stuck in 1998 and, as such, don’t use the newest of software. I comvinced Jamie it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade her copy to the nice cheap Microsoft Office latest version of special Mac for Microsoft Office, seeing as her Office 97 doesn’t do any of the stuff she wanted to do.

Enough of this wussy-crap though, the point of post was lemon poppyseed bread. As I was leaving the center, Jamie gave me five min-loaves of lemon poppyseed bread. Oh the joy! I originally got hooked on this bread by way of, who else, Jamie. She used to make it for Josh and me all the time.

Lemon poppyseed bread is so good, I’m surprised it’s not used as currency for small third-world nations. I feel as though it’s that good.

As I was driving back home from the center, I couldn’t help myself, I opened up the bag of bread and started eating a mini loaf. It’s a compulsion really, a compulsion I’m fully accepting of, though.

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  1. Becky Says:

    I want some lemon poppyseed bread :(

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