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The post I made earlier today reminded me about this post:
Inforgraphic of Iraqi Civilian Deaths. It has been out for a while but still noteworthy. It wouldn’t hurt if you read the comments and discussion there as well.

via: Design By Fire

I finally got around to finishing up the new statistics page

There is tons of interesting information there, have a look.

You have your white russians. You have your black russians. I present to you, dear internet, the brown russian:

Brown Russian
1/3 vodka
1/3 coffee liqueur
1/3 chocolate milk

I swear, it puts the other two russians to shame. I invented it. You heard it here first, folks.

The latest Firefox release came out sometime early this morning. I installed it at my house and had only 1 minor problem. When I first double clicked the executable it just kinda waited at the very first screen for a while, it eventually allowed me to click the “next” button, but I was just a little worrisome initially.

I installed it at work as well and it had no such problem.

Download Firefox 1.0 Preview Release here.

I’ve noticed a few pretty neat inprovements:

  • Integrated RSS reader, look in the bottom right of the screen for a red “RSS”
  • It seems to be able to check for new mail, too. Perhaps this is because I have Thunderbird open; perhaps because it has the same profile? I’m not really sure the cause. I noticed “Read mail (0 new)…” under my Tools menu. I don’t think I’ll use that option very much, but it still seemed neat.
  • I’m not exactly sure if this is an improvemnt or not, but I’ll list it nonetheless. The upgrade process was very easy and quite intuitive. I’ve always done new installs in new directories, so perhaps that’s why it’s always been easy and painless for me, who knows. The point is, it asked me if I wanted to include bookmarks from other browser installations I had, which, if memory serves me, was one of the complaints about previous versions. It also checked my installed extensions and told me which ones wouldn’t work with the new version and then asked if I’d like to check for new versions of said extensions. The only hiccup with this is that my Web Developer Extension, which it said was not compatible, actually was, so who knows. Find out for yourself.

I’ll list other observations of note as they come along.